How to Set up A Mobile Office

Posted by Marion Moon on July 30, 2015
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storage-containersIntermodal or storage containers are big rectangular-shaped steel boxes utilized for carrying goods. People purchase them from container providers for a specific price. Nowadays, the prices of these containers range from $1,500 to $3,200. The price usually depends on the size and quality of the container.

Believe it or not, storage containers are not just used for storing and transferring freight to various places. They are also used for constructing houses and even offices. If you’re planning to setup a mobile office using a container but you’re not sure how to do it, the guide below will help you build one successfully.

1.Decide whether you want a temporary or permanent office

Before you look for a shipping container provider, decide first whether you want a temporary or a permanent office. If you’ll just use the office for a certain period of time (e.g. for 4 months only), it is best to rent a shipping container instead so that you can save money. If you prefer an office that you can use for several years, then purchase a container.

2.Inform your staff about your plans

After deciding whether you’ll rent or buy a container, don’t forget to tell your staff about your plans so that they can prepare and do some necessary actions. Aside from researching on rules on how to build a shipping container office, they might even help you find a container provider that will help you build your own mobile office.

3.Look for an intermodal container seller

Once you’re done informing your staff about your plans of setting up a mobile office, start looking for a container provider. Use the internet to search for a dealer. Pick a company with high-quality storage containers and positive reviews. It will be great if you can find one that has special offers (e.g. discounts).

4.Find a location for your office

Before you buy a container from your chosen seller, find an office location first. It must be a place that is accessible to many people. If your company is involved in construction, pick a location that is a little far from the construction site to avoid accidents.

5.Buy the container

After looking for an office location, the next step that you should do is to buy a container. It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll go for used containers or the new ones. New storage containers are a little bit pricey compared to used ones.

6.Check and fix your mobile office

Once it arrives to your doorstep, don’t hesitate to check the container. Search for cracks and rusty areas. If it has a lot of problems, fix them immediately. After fixing your container, insulate and decorate the walls. Paint the outer and inner part. Ask help from an electrician to fix the lighting and electricity source.

7.Purchase office and safety equipment

After decorating the container, start purchasing equipment for your office. Buy furniture, printers, and computers. Make sure to prioritize your workers’ safety as well. Purchase alarms and fire extinguishers. If your office is near a construction site, don’t forget to buy safety gear for your workers.

8.Get necessary permits

You can’t start your operation without permits. Before you open your office, get the necessary permits first. Go to the state office and ask the staff about the requirements in order to get certain permits. Prepare the documents needed, fill up the required forms, and wait for your application to be processed.

9.Start using your portable office

Once the state office gives you a permit to operate, you can start using your mobile office. Make sure to follow your state’s rules on the use of container buildings to avoid experiencing certain problems.

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Create Your own printed circuit boards

Posted by Sherri Melton on July 24, 2015
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Printed circuit boards – the foundation of every electronic device – are pre-installed in all consumer products that require them. They can also be bought from specialty stores, such as computer and hardware stores, should one be in need of a PCB. Some websites also provide services for Pcb assembly. One only needs to send them the information and specifications relating to the desired PCB.

But for hobbyists, technology enthusiasts, and students of computer-related courses, constructing and assembling your own printed circuit board is a fun learning experience. So for those who want to try their hand at manufacturing their own PCB, here are a few things to keep in mind:

pcbDetermine your budget, difficulty level, and what you want to achieve. The first one is especially important since your finances will affect which materials you will use for your project. Beginners should also definitely not attempt to conduct manufacturing through methods which require a higher level of expertise. Better yet, get an expert PCB maker to help you out. Here are four ways to manufacture a PCB: acid etching method, UV etching method, mechanical etching or routing method, and laser etching method. Pick your method.

Illustrate or create a blueprint of tour circuit board’s layout. Computer software programs like PCB, Liquid PCB, and Shortcut are great tools to help you start with the layout of your board. This is a crucial step, especially for beginners. You will want to be able to visualize your multilayer Pc boards before actually getting down to it.

Prepare your materials. Always get quality materials from trusted suppliers. High prices do not always make for excellent materials, so make sure to scour message boards and forums beforehand to determine which brands to go for. Do your research well. Additionally, the kind of PCB you want to make – single-sided, double-sided, or multi-layered? – will determine what ratings your materials will be. For example, FR-2 is good for single-sided PCBs, but not enough for a double-sided one. Get the opinions of experts regarding this step.

Draw and etch the board. The drawing will remove traces of unnecessary copper, leaving you with the final outline of your desired circuit wiring. However, whether you draw on the board or not will be determined by the kind of method you choose to use.

Drill the mount points on your board. These holes will serve as the mounts for your components. You can use a drilling machine for this, but take note that ordinary drilling machines may not be suitable for this task. Machines used by manufacturers are usually custom-made. However, there are ways to adjust an ordinary drilling machine for you to be able to use it to drill mounts on your board.

Mount and solder the desired components on the PCB. This is the final step to your Pcb assembly. Of course, the electronic components you choose to put on top of your board will be determined by the purpose for which you are making a printed circuit board, as well as whether your PCB is single-sided, double-sided, or multilayer. If you find yourself unable to finish the Pcb assembly, there are companies on the Internet who can do the assembly for you.

Finally, install your new PCB on your electronic device. Check to see if it works. If it does, congratulations! You successfully conducted a do-it-yourself Pcb assembly.

There are reasons why many people favor doing arts and crafts. Aside from the fact that it allows them to work with their hands, crafters also get to doubly enjoy the object because they are aware that they worked hard on it. This is the same with electronics. Take pride in the fact that you were able to manufacture your own PCB. After all, not everyone can boast of that.

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How to Look for Commercial Real Estate Long Island

Posted by Carl Gage on July 08, 2015
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Commercial real estate Long Island has become one of the top choices for individuals and companies that want to invest in real estate properties. Located in the state of New York, Long Island is both the largest and the longest island in the contiguous United States. It is also the most populated island in the whole country, with four counties namely Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. The island also contains two of New York’s international airports, making Long Island one of the most lucrative locations to invest in.

The Search for Long Island Commercial Real Estate

real estate servicesIf you are looking for ways on how to look for Commercial Real Estate Long Island, searching has now become easier because of the presence of realty companies, real estate services, and online property listings. These sources and service providers have allowed investors to search for available real estate properties even at the comfort of their own homes. Interested buyers or leaseholders can easily search for properties based on their available budget, the location or neighbourhood they want, as well as the size and condition of the property that they will be buying or leasing.

Additionally, these investors can also acquire the services of a real estate agent who will take care of the buying or leasing process, including all the paperwork and legal procedures that need to be taken.

Limiting Your Choices

There are many online websites that will show listings of the available commercial properties in Long Island. Before going through these websites, investors should also have an idea as to what kind of property he or she will be looking into. There are thousands of properties available, and going through all of them will only bring stress and headaches to anyone who attempts the task. Real estate professionals will always tell you one thing: choose location first.

With this in mind, focus on the service providers who are offering properties in your preferred communities or neighborhoods. While many realtors can offer almost any property from every location, it is advisable to select a service provider that specializes in your preferred area. This ensures that they have more in-depth knowledge and experience with the properties in the location, allowing them to provide you with the best advice and service possible.

Choosing Your Service Provider

Oftentimes, a third party service provider will also make the task of searching for commercial properties easier for the investor. That is of course, if they are able to provide the services that will take care of most of the requirements needed in the acquisition of the property. For example, a real estate company can simply provide a list of the available properties and the basic details such as the address and the contact numbers of the sellers.

However, there are also real estate professionals who will provide more than just a listing. Some service providers will even provide an analysis of potential sites, while others will even help the investors to negotiate for the best terms possible. It is also very helpful if the realty company will be able to provide financing assistance for the investor as well.

On-Site Inspections

Of course, even if there are real estate agents who will do all the dirty work for you, it is still very important for any investor to look into the properties personally. On-site inspections are a must before an investor makes his or her decisions on which commercial real estate Long Island to invest in. After all, while a real estate specialist can limit the choices for you, the final choice still lies on the investor.

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Discount Golf Bags 101

Posted by William Hawks on May 21, 2015
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Regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner, you will always want the best value for your money. Gone are the days where golf is reserved to the elite and royals. There are many brand new and quality discount golf essentials available online and in the common market.

Golf BagsEvery golfer needs a golf bag according to their needs. Some golfers use the maximum number of golf clubs in a round. Other golfers play golf on weekends and need only a few numbers of drivers, putters and hybrids. Recreational golfers also do not require a lot of pockets and dividers in their golf bags. More serious golfers have a moderate to high preference when playing golf. They play few times a week, need more golf clubs and bring more materials with them. They also invest in further golf accessories such as golf bag umbrellas to protect their golf bags from rain and direct sunshine.

Why Should You Buy Discount Bags?

Everything in golf is expensive. What you pay for will usually reflect on the quality. Golfers have a choice between buying brandless or unknown golf shoes, shirts, skorts, bags and clubs only to be disappointed in the end. When it comes to playing golf, you should not skimp on golf clubs and bags because they will determine and influence your performance. Unbranded golf essentials have not set a sound reputation in the golf industry. You will sacrifice your skill and satisfaction in exchange for a few dollars. This is where discount golf essentials enter the picture. Fundamentally, they are no different from branded golf essentials. In fact, they are of the same brand. Nike, Taylor Made, Sun Mountain, Callaway, Tartan, Mizuno, Ogio — you name it. All of those brands are available as discounted. Discount golf bags are not secondhand. They are brand new, unused and of the same quality as the expensive golf bags.

Perhaps you are wondering whether discount golf bag offers are just a scam. Why would companies offer them anyway? Of course, companies aren’t likely to sell these at a loss, and even when they do, they usually offer these as a form of promotion. Remember discount golf essentials are the same as any other golf essentials. The only difference lies in the price. You can buy discount golf clubs, bags, gloves, shoes, drivers, balls, umbrellas and apparel at a fraction of the usual market price. Oftentimes, companies carrying discount golf essentials also carry secondhand goods. Now it’s the golfer’s choice if he or she wants to settle for secondhand goods. Some golf accessories like gloves and umbrellas can be bought as secondhand without sacrificing the quality of the golfer’s performance. When it comes to golf bags, golf clubs and golf apparel and shoes, buying discounted versions is better.

Shipping and Warranty

Discount golf essentials are mostly available online. Always watch out because these distributors hold clearance sales from time to time. Clearance sales go as low as 50% of the discounted price. As a golfer looking for the best value for money, buying discounted goods is your best option; you will get the same top notch quality for a fraction of the usual market price. Rock Bottom Golf offers the best value when it comes to buying discounted golf goods. They offer their customers coupons and feature the best sellers and new arrivals. There also give their customers subscribed to their mailing list exclusive offers. When it comes to shipping, local orders will arrive as early as 24 hours. Golf clubs are also protected by an inclusive 1-year warranty. With each purchase from Rock Bottom Golf, you are entitled to rewards points which you can use to redeem for cash off your next order.

Author Bio:

Trust me, you need golf bags. If you’re out on Sunday afternoons, swinging away your worries and having fun on the field, you need to keep your belongings and equipment somewhere safe and protected.

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Top Five Tips for Buying HCG

Posted by Flora Mosely on May 02, 2015
Weight Loss / 1 Comment

Before you buy any HCG product, you need to understand that there are crucial things for consideration to avoid making mistakes. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a very popular weight loss substance, coupled with a weight loss program, which has been around, and contested, for many years. Due to its effectiveness, so many people have started manufacturing the substance, and at poor quality at that, taking advantage of people’s vulnerability. To many people’s dismay, the products they bought never materialized into what has been advertised. Below are the top five things you should know before you buy HCG.

Consider Credibility

Only purchase HCG from a reputable pharmacy. If you observe, many businessmen will immediately jump on every opportunity of selling products that people are too crazy about. The current fad is always a source of dumb money, so to speak. You will see hundreds of websites selling HCG drops online but it will be your sole responsibility to choose a trustworthy seller.

Since these are not physical stores, it is difficult to find out if they are legitimate. What you can do is to check for websites that offer as much information about themselves. The sellers should publish their phone number and physical address. Read reviews and go to forum sites to see feedback. Be diligent enough in your investigation or you will pay dearly.

Shop for the Right Price

1hcgdropsShop for a decent price before making the purchase, especially when there is a shipping fee. Many sellers hide under the guise of selling HCG drops for a very cheap price but they will charge you huge amounts for the shipping, insurance, and handling fees. It is also not uncommon to see advertisements of money-back guarantee, shown in big banners. Be wary of these schemes. Read the fine print before making a purchase. Never make the mistake of overlooking the quality of the product. In addition, compare the prices of bottles with the same content. One bottle may look cheaper but also contains lesser.

Get a Contact Person

There has to be someone you can call, someone who represents the company. This is especially so if you are making the purchase online. This is how you make follow ups on your order or if you have complaints. The website should also have a means for its buyers to get answers to inquiries no longer than 48 hours. Do not be afraid to make that phone call and ask questions.

Medical Integrity

A reputable seller should only sell you oral HCG drops or homeopathic HCGs. Anyone who sells HCG in its injectable form should not be selling it to you without a prescription. It is illegal. Only doctors should give you prescriptions and tell you the dosage you should take for an injectable HCG. If you come across a seller who sells HCG in its injectable form without a prescription, this should raise a red flag. Run away from that guy.

Only Get Trusted Brands

There are so many manufacturers of HCG now that it becomes so difficult to choose. If possible, buy only from manufacturers who are approved by your country’s regulatory board. In the United States, that is the FDA. If you do not make this confirmation prior to buying, you are likely to fall victim to fake HCG drops or products. You will end up losing money and worse, you are compromising your health.

Now that you are equipped with the right knowledge, you need to put into practice. Do not get lured into cheap prices and false promises. Talk to people and ask for a little background about the specific brand you are thinking of buying. Make comparisons and be patient browsing online or touring physical stores. If you have friends recommending brands, just take a look at those friends and see if there are observable things that improved in their weight.

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