Top Five Tips for Buying HCG

Posted by Flora Mosely on May 02, 2015
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Before you buy any HCG product, you need to understand that there are crucial things for consideration to avoid making mistakes. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a very popular weight loss substance, coupled with a weight loss program, which has been around, and contested, for many years. Due to its effectiveness, so many people have started manufacturing the substance, and at poor quality at that, taking advantage of people’s vulnerability. To many people’s dismay, the products they bought never materialized into what has been advertised. Below are the top five things you should know before you buy HCG.

Consider Credibility

Only purchase HCG from a reputable pharmacy. If you observe, many businessmen will immediately jump on every opportunity of selling products that people are too crazy about. The current fad is always a source of dumb money, so to speak. You will see hundreds of websites selling HCG drops online but it will be your sole responsibility to choose a trustworthy seller.

Since these are not physical stores, it is difficult to find out if they are legitimate. What you can do is to check for websites that offer as much information about themselves. The sellers should publish their phone number and physical address. Read reviews and go to forum sites to see feedback. Be diligent enough in your investigation or you will pay dearly.

Shop for the Right Price

1hcgdropsShop for a decent price before making the purchase, especially when there is a shipping fee. Many sellers hide under the guise of selling HCG drops for a very cheap price but they will charge you huge amounts for the shipping, insurance, and handling fees. It is also not uncommon to see advertisements of money-back guarantee, shown in big banners. Be wary of these schemes. Read the fine print before making a purchase. Never make the mistake of overlooking the quality of the product. In addition, compare the prices of bottles with the same content. One bottle may look cheaper but also contains lesser.

Get a Contact Person

There has to be someone you can call, someone who represents the company. This is especially so if you are making the purchase online. This is how you make follow ups on your order or if you have complaints. The website should also have a means for its buyers to get answers to inquiries no longer than 48 hours. Do not be afraid to make that phone call and ask questions.

Medical Integrity

A reputable seller should only sell you oral HCG drops or homeopathic HCGs. Anyone who sells HCG in its injectable form should not be selling it to you without a prescription. It is illegal. Only doctors should give you prescriptions and tell you the dosage you should take for an injectable HCG. If you come across a seller who sells HCG in its injectable form without a prescription, this should raise a red flag. Run away from that guy.

Only Get Trusted Brands

There are so many manufacturers of HCG now that it becomes so difficult to choose. If possible, buy only from manufacturers who are approved by your country’s regulatory board. In the United States, that is the FDA. If you do not make this confirmation prior to buying, you are likely to fall victim to fake HCG drops or products. You will end up losing money and worse, you are compromising your health.

Now that you are equipped with the right knowledge, you need to put into practice. Do not get lured into cheap prices and false promises. Talk to people and ask for a little background about the specific brand you are thinking of buying. Make comparisons and be patient browsing online or touring physical stores. If you have friends recommending brands, just take a look at those friends and see if there are observable things that improved in their weight.

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